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CSM Tool for Sheet Set Managing


 It is very very useful for CAD managers to apply the
 Sheet Set Manager that has been integrated since
 AutoCad2005. As AutoCad upgrading, the Sheet Set 
 Manager of Version AutoCad 2008 is alot convenient, 
 and much improved in AutoCad 2010.

 You can look for information of Sheet Set Manager
 elsewhere on the Internet, hence, I will not mention
 Sheet Set itself, I will introduce a Tool for monitoring the 
 Sheet Set Manager named "CSM".

 CSM is a VBA tool that I have been developing along
 with the CAD standard of my company (specialise on 
 high-rise buildings). Its interface looks like:


 You can export all Sheets information to MS Excel
  including Identification, Description, Category. Then, you 
  can modify it in Excel, then CSM will help you update 
  into the Sheet Set Manager of AutoCad.

 Furthermore, it can check Sheets information like sheet 
 order duplicate or sheet identification (sheet  number) duplicate.

 In addition, it can print the Sheet Set at the same time or 
 selected sheets. It takes me 5 minutes to print 100 
 sheets to DWF files in the "correct/continuous order". 
This sounds strange? Yes, may be you find 
 misunderstandood because we devide work into Engineers.
 Each engineer draws different parts of a building, thus, 
 in the Sheet Set List, Sheet orders are discontinuous
 it looks like 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 50, 51, 52, ..., Therefore, when printing drawings, if 
 you use the Feature "Publish to DWF", you will get DWF 
 files in discontinous order. That's why I develop this feature. 

Notes: previous versions of AutoCad (2005~2008) raise  
errors when you rename "Layout Name". The CSM is 
capable to fix this mistake. However, if you use AutoCad 
2009 or later, it will provide the capacity to change Layout 
Names and Sheet Properties at the same time, thus, this 
error is fixed automatically.

I hope you find CSM an intersting tool, this is a tool subjected to my company, thus, 
I can not share it.

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